An Efficient Sealed Sterilization Container


ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers by Innovative Sterilization Technologies LLC (IST) allows for sterilization of medical devices in a prevacuum cycle in ~20 minutes vs. 2 hours.  Streamline your surgical scheduling and allow for quick turnover.  Reduce your investment in back-up instrumentation.  And most importantly, provide ONE Standard of Care and Safety for ALL patients.


ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Container


ONE TRAY® is an FDA cleared Rigid Container.  It is designed to meet both AORN and AAMI recommendations for the safe handling, storage, transport and aseptic delivery of sterilized contents.


ONE TRAY® provides efficiencies by eliminating delays in the O.R. from trauma procedures, add on cases, and instrumentation being delivered late. ONE TRAY® saves time and resources.


ONE TRAY® sealed sterilization containers are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee for long-term consistent, optimal performance.

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Changing Sterilization ONE TRAY® at a time.

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