ONE TRAY Sealed Sterilization Containers Recognized as Top 10 MedTech Startups

December 2, 2019
Canton, MI, USA

3T Medical Complete Systems (3TM) Inc., a private medical products company in Canton MI, is a proud distributor of ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers.  

ONE TRAY ISTwas recently recognized by Medical Tech Outlook as one of the Top 10 MedTech Startups 2019. ONE TRAY IST was also featured on the October magazine front cover.

“The efficient technology underpinning ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers has been cleared by the FDA with a 4 minute at 270-degree sterilization cycle with no required dry time and a defined shelf life. This is a huge advantage as all other technologies require a dry time to ensure sterility maintenance.”

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