Sterilization and Infection Prevention


We distribute two innovative technologies, ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX™, for the efficient processing of surgical instrumentation. Both systems are focused on helping healthcare professionals provide care to their patients efficiently, safely, and in a cost-effective manner.

ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers

Provide efficient sterilization within 17-22 minutes vs. 2-3 hours!

Facilitate rapid turnover for frequently used instrumentation!

Reduce investments in back-up instruments!

Maintain a smoothly flowing surgical schedule – reduce delays!

No IUSS processing…same “Standard of Care” for all patients!

EZ-TRAX™ Instrument Consolidation Trays

Consolidate 6-8 orthopedic vendor trays into 3 EZ-TRAX™ trays!

Significantly reduce the time and dollars spent on:

Decontamination, Washing, Inspecting, Packaging

Sterilizing, Transporting, Opening in the O.R.

Significant Economic Value Achieved!

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