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Blood Management


Does your facility have a need for an efficient, cost-effective, and safe method to conserve blood? With more than 20 years of proven clinical success, our disposable closed system, ConstaVAC™ CBCII, works post-operatively to collect, filter, and allow for reinfusion of the patient’s own blood.

When the blood reinfusion is complete, the ConstaVAC™ CBCII has an optional ambulatory bulb for continued wound drainage, while allowing patient mobility.


The ConstaVac™ CBCII Blood Conservation System

Blood bags are easily attached to ensure continuous reinfusion.

Cost Effective
Simple design with an economical disposable system.
Eliminates the need for a perfusionist and pre-donated blood.
Patients safely receive back their own blood.

Superior Safety
Closed system to ensure sterilization.
Supports your patients during the continuum of care.

Proven Then. Proven Now.

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Read the articles below to find out more about the The ConstaVac™ CBCII Blood Conservation System.


Perioperative Blood Transfusions in Orthopaedic Surgery

Reduction of blood loss with the use of a new combined intra-operative and post-operative autologous blood transfusion system compared with no drainage in primary total hip replacement

The safety of peri-articular local anaesthetic injection for patients undergoing total knee replacement with autologous blood transfusion

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